Fundamentals for Beginners to Know When Buying Garlic in Bulk


The strength of garlic is determined by how long it has been stored, with longer storage times producing strong-flavoured garlic. Therefore, when you are out shopping for garlic, consider buying in bulk to last you a couple of months. Besides strong flavours stemming from more extended storage periods, bulk-buying can save you money as opposed to buying in small quantities. Here are some basics for beginners to know when they want to buy garlic in bulk.

Garlic Varieties 

There are over 70 varieties of garlic that range from mild-flavoured and medium-flavoured to strong- or hot-flavoured garlic. Therefore, buyers have a range of options to choose from, depending on their tastes and preferences. You don't have to be a garlic guru to get the best varieties. All you need to do is ask a supplier to give a breakdown based on the strength of flavours. When buying in bulk, it is a good idea to choose from various flavours to enjoy different tastes. Remember that different varieties of garlic have varying effects and nutritional value.

Consider Season

Although some garlic varieties are available throughout the year, some might be in short supply or completely unavailable during certain seasons. Some garlic types are out of stock during winter months; therefore, buying in bulk during summer months can provide you with enough stock to get through months with short supply. Also, some garlic varieties are not suitable for the Australian climate; hence, they are imported from overseas. Note that seasonal demand and importation can affect the price of your favourite garlic type. Ask your garlic supplier about such factors before buying garlic in bulk.

Garlic Starters

It is a good idea to consider buying garlic tubes to plant in your small garden. If you do not know how to start with planting garlic, look for a vendor that provides brochures or DIY notes/leaflets that show how, when and where to plant garlic. Furthermore, using some cloves as starters can hone your gardening skills while also saving you money in the long-term.


When buying garlic in bulk, you should consider how you are going to store the product so that it does not go bad. Keeping garlic in a cool, dry place helps to prevent early sprouting. Garlic can last for up to 5 months when stored properly. Besides, when buying garlic, you might want to choose smaller bulbs because they tend to last longer.


11 May 2020

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